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James Craigmyle is a certified international K9 Trainer with over a decade of experience. Craigmyle served as a dual purpose K9 Handler, internationally certified in narcotics and patrol for the largest Sheriff’s Office in the State of Missouri. During that time, he also served as a SWAT K9 Handler and worked with federal, state and local officials. He has trained hundreds of dogs of all sizes - from personal pets to law enforcement canines. Craigmyle is an instructor on dog psychology, canine obedience, scent work, personal protection, combat medicine, and dietary needs. 


Craigmyle is a judge for the National Association of Canine Scent Work. The judge is responsible for determining if the team has correctly called the 'Alert' given the hide location and conditions of the day and for making decisions relating to faults and conduct during the actual competition search.

Craigmyle is widely known for his time spent on LivePD on A&E. He assisted in the development of America's Top Dog on A&E. Craigmyle has trained celebrities’ dogs and dog owners in foreign countries via Zoom. 

Craigmyle is a strong believer in positive reinforcement, making it fun for the dog and owner. This type of training results in building a stronger bond between the dog and owner.

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